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Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.
- Sanford Meisner

In Singacademy, we focus on the craft of the actor. Acting requires the practice and development of the intellect, body, voice and emotions. Improvisations and acting games are embedded in each lesson to help students gain confidence, act with spontaneity and authenticity. Scaffolding the elements of drama, the students learn to analyse the characters motivations and objectives, giving rise to the  emotions as they face,their obstacles and conflicts set in the time and space of the situations. Scene work includes monologues and the students will also get opportunities to perform in ensembles. 
Each acting student will prepare for two graded certifications by Trinity College, London in each year. 
Students are able to use the skills in auditions for Direct School Admissions into secondary schools, through drama and theatre.
At the end of the program, the student is able to: 
  1. Understand and breakdown scripts according to the elements of drama.  
  2. Portray characters with a degree of authenticity and spontaneity. 
  3. Project  his/her voice audibly and with clarity. 
  4. Have knowledge of stage terminology and be directed given stimuli and purposes. 
  5. Deliver stories in characters with conviction 
  6. Have a repertoire of monologues for performances.
  7. Able to participate in improvisations confidently and spontaneously.
  8. Experience performing on stage. 

Age: 9 and above 

CurriculumCharacters / Situation / Relationships / Tension, conflicts, obstacles / Movement  / Emotions and Moods /

Voice Production / Beats / Pace and Pauses  / Stage terminology and production roles  / Audience engagement / Improvisation 

Structure: 90mins X 20sessions x 2 semesters per level. Includes one performance showcase

Levels:1 - 3 / Foundation / Intermediate / Advance

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