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We bring the best out in our students

May Chng

Kuo Po’s strategic and conscious DSA training approach is a mastery in itself. My child gains immeasurable self-confidence and self-awareness of her strengths because of Kuo Po’s positive encouragement, genuine feedback and professional training. As a parent, I was unfamiliar with DSA possibilities and became even more perplexed by the differing viewpoints and comments of others. Fortunately, I was fortunate to have Kuo Po's straightforward advice just in time when I contacted her for assistance. Kuo Po values each child is an individual with a unique growth rate with diverse and vast potential. She recognizes my child’s hidden qualities that I did not, and she values the potential of others who desire to become warriors of their talents. I was most impressed by Kuo Po's selfless dedication and desire to help my child succeed, as well as her willingness to go above and beyond and offer the best advise she could at a time when lead time was a challenge. Your child will be at peace if you give yourself and your child the chance to pursue and strive in every circumstances with their best shot, to live with no regrets – no matter the outcome. Behind every child who believes in themselves is a parent and a teacher/ trainer who truly believe in them first. You get this from Kuo Po's personal training, nothing less. There are too many training centres claiming masters of DSA training. The difference lies in altruism and ethical service excellence beyond business profits. A child’s confidence is not a product. It’s a life in which the good ones will make a real positive difference.

Bridget Yeo

My daughter is now 18 and full of confidence and un-afraid when asked to address a roomful of people. This is actually a by-product of her training and exposure in the different classes that she attended under the watchful eye of her teacher, now-mentor, Kuo Po. I first signed my shy-maladroit-8-year-old up for singing lessons at KP’s academy to support her interests as well as to give her an outlet to express herself. Along the way, besides singing and performing, she also picked up important skills like team-work, responsibility, perseverance. KP is tireless, hardworking and very creative. Every year she comes up with new ideas for shows or programmes which give the children opportunities to try different things, making them so adaptable to all kinds of situations and environments. And the children thrive under this , achieving beyond what their parents expected. We are very lucky to have had my daughter under KP’s wings. Thank you, KP for recognising her potential and pushing and guiding her to be her best. She’s grown into a beautiful and confident performer with a good head on her strong shoulders.

Sandra Tan

Teacher Kuo Po has been instrumental in the development of my child as a performer. Loic has always had a good voice and loved singing however, it was not until we joined Teacher KP’s classes that he developed his stage presence and musical artistry. Teacher KP worked hard in one on one classes to strengthen Loïc’s vocal capabilities while enhancing his understanding of the feelings behind the songs and music he sings or performs. She is a teacher who not only encourages him to grow into his own style and musical identity but also journeys with him to achieve more on his musical endeavours. I feel truly blessed to have found Teacher KP as a music mentor for Loïc.

Faith Sumpownoi

The Literary Arts course was a course I attended in hopes of achieving my goal of getting a confirmed offer to SOTA (School Of The Arts). Fortunately, my goal was achieved! This was only possible with the help and guidance of Teacher Mr Desmond who helped me reach further beyond my writing skills and let my creative juices flow free! I am sure the Académie will continue to help students pursue their passions for the literary arts!

Yvonne Lau

As you may remember, when Celestine first joined the DSA programme at AoS, she was quite a shy and timid girl, a very ‘kuai’ girl who was good in her studies but rather under-confident. When she first mentioned to me last year that she was interested in theatre, I was rather surprised! Boy, was I glad that Karen McGregor had recommended me to AoS. Over the course of the last two years, I have watched Celestine blossom into a confident young lady under the tutelage of a team of dedicated teachers at AoS – Teacher Desmond, Teacher Eugene and of course, Teacher KP. The lessons were fun, engaging and brought out the best in my little girl. She came home with a big smile every Sunday. Slowly but surely, I saw her emerge from her chrysalis to become the beautiful butterfly that she is today. For anyone considering AoS, I would say ‘Please go for it, you won’t regret it, it will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made in your life. My daughter became more outspoken, more expressive and definitely more eloquent. The communication, improvisation and writing skills that she refined in her lessons at AoS put her in good stead not just for her SOTA interviews, but also for her other MOE DSA interviews. She managed to obtain two Confirmed Offers – SOTA Theatre and Temasek Junior College (IP programme) English – and was also recently awarded SOTA’s David Marshall Scholarship. In addition, I’m sure that Celestine’s PSLE A* in English is also thanks to her literary arts and communication training at AoS. For all the good AoS has given to Celestine, I want to thank not just the teachers, but also the entire AoS team – Fiona, Ainee and Dannee. Thank you for your dedication, your hard work and your can-do spirit. You guys rock! 😊


This is Ram (Shrujay’s Dad) would like to thank you and your institute for your coaching, training and tips given to Shrujay. We strongly believe with your support his acting potential, script interpretation skills, communication & public speaking ability have been activated, tuned and improved to greater extend thus he gained much confidence to face any performing arts screening, assessments and its related interviews. As a result of it, he could succeed and get CONFIRMED OFFER from both the schools VICTORIA and SOTA under DSA programme. Thank you for being part of my Son Shrujay’s dream vision and getting it fulfilled successfully.


For all your belief, your passion and dedication ... It's all been worthwhile ! I want to extend my heartiest thanks and heartfelt appreciation to you KP.. for believing in Layla's potential. I am so relieved that Layla was successful in her DSA Drama for Xinmin Secondary. She got a place. 🙏🙏🙏 She has also made a massive improvement in her EL grade and I only wish her for the best in PSLE and for her motivation to excel. I can't thank you enough KP... Thank you v much for everything. Hope she will continue to pursue her passion with the academy.

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