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BroadwayKids is a performance group on both stage and screen. It designed to hone the triple-threat abilities of young performers in singing, dancing, and acting. This comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of musical styles—from classical-based legit, through musical theatre, to contemporary genres like pop, rock, rap, and jazz.

Understanding and mastering these styles necessitates a robust grasp of voice production and singing techniques. By integrating song interpretation, expressive storytelling, and character development, along with movement and choreography, learners delve deep into the world of musical theater. This approach not only fosters authenticity and confidence in our students but also deepens their craftsmanship in this artistic domain.
At the end of program, the learners will be able to : 
  1. Perform confidently 
  2. Act through song with commitment
  3. Act through songs to tell stories with authenticity
  4. Be in character with conviction  
  5. Sing in pitch with audibility and clarity
  6. Sing with efficient placement, correct free airflow 
  7. Move and dance with coordination expressively.  
  8. Acquire the knowledge of selected musicals 
Acting Through Song
The main focus for the curriculum will be acting through songs. Musical Theatre repertoire will be used to train the students to express their characters through their singing and enhance their story-telling abilities. 
Curriculum for Acting through Song 
  1. Elements of Drama 
  2. Movement and Physicality
  3. Scenes into songs
  4. Ensemble performances

*Entry into this program is only by audition selection process *

Age: 6 -11 years old

Skills: Acting, Singing, Dancing

Repertoire: Musical Theatre

Structure: 90mins X 20sessions

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