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  • About the performance and the audition ?
    1. Students are strongly encouraged to take part in the annual performances organized by the Academy. However, if a student chooses not to participate, it is mandatory to notify the Academy in writing at least two (2) months in advance of the scheduled performance(s). 2. At the discretion of the Academy, students and/ or artists may be prohibited from performing if they are absent from any rehearsals within the one-month period leading up to the performance. 3. Proceeds from ticketed shows or corporate-paying performances will be utilized to cover production and creative costs, as well as other necessary expenses. Honorarium payments may be granted to participating students in paid events, solely at the discretion of ATIA. 4. If students selected by ATIA for third-party projects have conflicting production schedules with their existing enrolled classes, they will not be entitled to compensation or a refund of paid school fees.
  • About Classes / Make up classes
    1. Each term comprises ten classes, while each semester consists of a total of twenty classes. 2. Parents will be invited to a midterm open class on the tenth class of every term. 3. If a class is canceled by the Academy or the trainer, it will be rescheduled and replaced at a later time. 4. Typically, no classes are scheduled on gazetted Public Holidays and specified ATIA term holidays unless otherwise notified by the Academy. 5. Performances and rehearsals that coincide with the regular class schedule will be treated as scheduled classes, and no replacement will be arranged unless otherwise decided by the Academy. 6. ATIA retains the right to transfer a student to a different class, merge classes, or dissolve a class as deemed necessary. 7. Parents or legal guardians are generally not permitted to observe classes unless specifically invited or under special circumstances. 8. ATIA reserves the right to make changes to trainers, including the addition of additional trainers, for classes at any given time. 9. Students who are unable to attend class(es) due to illness are permitted to schedule makeup classes, provided there is an available class of the same grade and age group. Makeup classes must be arranged within the same term and cannot be carried over to the next term or calendar year. The Academy will make efforts to arrange suitable makeup classes for such situations. To initiate the makeup class arrangement, the student must email a copy of the medical certificate(s) or air ticket(s) to before any makeup classes can be scheduled. 10. The Academy does not allow or accept walk-ins for any makeup class. Prior arrangement and scheduling are necessary for attending makeup classes. 11. Vocal students who are enrolled in individual classes must reschedule or inform the Academy of any class cancellation at least two (2) days in advance. Failure to do so will result in the class being considered as attended by the student and accounted for accordingly.
  • Another thing that often becomes a question?
    1. Parents or legal guardians have the responsibility to notify both the school and the trainer regarding any medical conditions or allergies that their student may have. It is crucial to disclose any pre-existing medical or mental conditions of the student to the Academy. The Academy cannot be held accountable for any untoward events or incidents arising from or connected to such conditions if the pertinent information was not provided. 2. If necessary, students will be required to purchase specific course materials for the duration of the course. 3. The school requires every student to purchase a school t-shirt and adhere to specific attire guidelines provided by the school. 4. Any changes in the student's, parents', or legal guardians' address, email, or contact number must be promptly communicated to ATIA (Amazing Talents International Academy). 5. ATIA will provide notifications regarding schedule changes, classes, or performances through WhatsApp messages, SMS, and/or email. However, MAOS (the Academy) cannot be held responsible if the student, parents, or legal guardians do not receive such messages due to technical glitches or problems, or if the messages are not retrieved in a timely manner. 6. ATIA retains full ownership of all photos and videos taken or recorded by ATIA. These media assets may be utilized for publicity and marketing purposes. 7. For all Performance Training and Dance classes, students must wear stretch pants and jazz shoes. Skirts, jeans, and shorts are not recommended attire for these classes. 8. During rehearsals, it is mandatory for students to wear closed shoes. Only non-marking shoes and dance shoes are permitted in all studio spaces. 9. Consumption of food and drinks inside the studios is strictly prohibited. 10. ATIA reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at its sole and absolute discretion.
  • How to register and payment rules?
    1. There are two semesters or four terms per year. Fees for each semester are collected twice annually: Semester 1, which spans from January to May, and Semester 2, which covers July to November. 2. Full payment of semester fees is required at the time of class registration and enrollment. 3. Upon enrollment, each student is required to pay a non-refundable registration fee of $40, (one-time payment) and a per semester $10 insurance fee, which will not be prorated and is subject to potential changes. 4. All fees, including performance fees, paid are non-refundable and non-transferable. 5. Please note that school fees may be subject to change without prior notice. 6. After the payment of semester fees, students are generally not permitted to change their class schedule for that semester unless they receive guidance and approval from a trainer, based on their absolute and sole discretion. 7. No refunds or offsets for fees will be provided for any class(es) that a student does not attend. 8. Unless approved by the trainer on a case-by-case basis, Amazing Talents International Academy ("ATIA") will not accept any enrollment after the completion of the fifteenth week of classes in the relevant semester.
  • Copyright information ?
    1. Course materials provided by ATIA shall not be duplicated in any way. 2. ATIA will not loan out any music minus ones (backing tracks).
  • What are the conditions for students to be promoted?
    1. The Academy holds the sole and absolute discretion to assess and determine a student's suitability for promotion to the next level. 2. The students’ attendance in class (minimum attendance required 80% for the semester) and their performance will be taken into consideration when evaluating their suitability for promotion. 3. Students who are promoted to the next level will receive a notification via email and will commence the new level in the upcoming relevant semester. However, it is expected that students remain in each level for a minimum of one full year before being eligible for promotion.
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