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Singapore Performing Arts Junior Championship

Singapore Performing Arts
Junior Championship 2023

SINGAPORE PERFORMING ARTS JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP is a competition platform dedicated to spotlighting the talents of children aged 5 - 12 in the realm of performing arts.
Our mission is to celebrate and amplify the artistic prowess of budding stars. Participants are expected to not only demonstrate technical mastery but also captivate the audience with their dynamic stage presence. 

This is an individual talent competition. The participants can perform in one or more of the performance categories: 


  1. Musical Theatre (Acting through song)  

  2. Song and dance  

  3. Acting (monologues/ mime) 

  4. Storytelling 

  5. Dance 

  6. Singing



  1. Pop

  2. Musical Theatre

  3. Classical

  4. Jazz

  5. Hip Hop/ R&B

Only successful contestants from the video audition round will proceed to the live preliminary rounds, to be held on 21-24th November 2023, Suntec City mall.

During the preliminary rounds, contestants will be evaluated on their unique talents and assigned points reflecting their proficiency. The points will determine the medal they earn:

Scoring System:

55 - 70 points: Bronze Medal

71 - 84 points: Silver Medal

85 - 90 points: Gold Medal

Contestants are welcome to showcase their talents in multiple performance categories. Each entry will undergo separate evaluation. Only those securing a Gold Medal will advance to the Gold Winners Showcase, and eligible to compete for the ultimate Championship title in the Grand Finals.


  • Deadline for submission: 10th November 2023

  • Results of video audition round: 16th November 2023

  • Preliminary rounds: 21-24th November 2023

  • Gold Winners Showcase: 25th November 2023

  • Grand Finals: 26th November 2023

  • Venue of Competition: Suntec City Mall, East Wing Atrium

  • Time of competition for Preliminaries: 6pm  

  • Time of Competition for Gold Winners Showcase and Grand Finals: 4pm

  • Gold winners only need to perform one performance to perform for the grand finals. 

Competition flow 

Registration and submission: Send in audition video to be short listed.
Deadline 10th November 
*Result of audition round will be released by 16th November, 6pm via email.

Premliminaries @Josiah Festival of Arts, East Atrium, East Atrium,Suntec City Mall
21- 24 November 6pm

Gold Winners Showcase@Josiah Festival of Arts, East Atrium, East Atrium,Suntec City Mall
25 November 4pm

SPAJC GrandFinals @Josiah Festival of Arts, East Atrium, East Atrium,Suntec City Mall
26 November 4pm

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