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Triple Threat Talents is the exclusive graded performance training program for children in Singapore. It is meticulously designed to cultivate the triple-threat capabilities of young performers, encompassing singing, dancing, and acting. This comprehensive curriculum spans a diverse array of musical styles, ranging from classic musical theatre to contemporary genres such as pop, rock, and rap.
Mastery of these styles demands a strong foundation in vocal production and singing techniques, alongside proficiency in various dance genres and the art of delivering compelling performances through songs. This holistic approach enhances their artistic skills for both on-screen and on-stage endeavors. Participants will also acquire valuable audition skills and readiness to excel in the realm of social media performance platforms
At the end of the program, the talents are able to : 
  1. Perform confidently on screen and on stage
  2. Use their technical skills to overcome challenges in singing, dancing and acting in musicals and pop
  3. Able to act through songs to tell stories with authenticity
  4. Able to sing different styles 
  5. Able to dance different genre
  6. Able to audition for any contemporary commercial music opportunities 
  7. Able to use their skill set to create content for social media platforms. 


Using a proprietary method to conduct ‘cross-training” vocal pedagogy, our students will be able to access their voices to sing contemporary commercial music, or non-classical based music. This includes musical theater and pop. 


Curriculum for Singing: 

  1. Breathing and support

  2. Vocal Production: Tone, register, articulation

  3. Vocal effects/ Styles

  4. Harmony in Ensemble singing 

  5. Repertoire development: musical theatre and pop  

  6. Performance Development 

  7. Recording

Technique and choreography will be taught in each session in the following genres pending on the repertoire: 
  1. Jazz
  2. Hip Hop 
  3. Swing
  4. Contemporary 
  5. Tap 

The main focus for the curriculum will be acting through songs. Musical Theatre repertoire will be used to train the students to express their characters through their singing and enhance their story-telling abilities. 
Curriculum for Acting through Song 
  1. Elements of Drama 
  2. Movement and Physicality
  3. Scenes into songs
  4. Ensemble performances

Age: 7 -16 years old

Skills: Acting , Singing, Dancing

Repertoire: Pop , Musical Theatre

Structure: 120mins X 20sessions x 2 semesters per level. Includes one performance showcase

Levels:1 - 3 / Foundation / Intermediate / Advance

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