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Articulate! is the communication program offered by SingAcademy.  With the goal  to nurture articulate speakers, the program delivers lessons on expressive performance of the spoken word, building the foundation from Verse and Prose leading to communication skills required  for public speaking. With the freedom to use creativity and imagination to interpret and express, this program cultivates spontaneity and confidence in our learners.

Our very young learners 4-6 years old will embark on their communication journey with LAMDA’s Introductory syllabus. From 7 years old, the learners will carry on with Verse and Prose. LAMDA’s key outcomes are mastery in  interpretative skills, technical skills and conversation. Young learners will understand the meanings of the words and present poems, verses and prose emotively, using age appropriate content to build the essence of expressive speaking with confidence and conviction.
Articulate! will also teach the fundamentals and develop presentations for public speaking from 7 years old. From initial to graded certifications in Communication Skills  from Trinity College London, learners will express their thinking leant in lessons that are scaffolded in the technique and performance. 

Age: 5 - 11 years old

Skills: Poem recitation, conversation, speaking in public, master of ceremony hosting and presentation

Structure: 90mins X 20sessions x 2 semesters per level. Includes one performance showcase

Levels:1 - 3 / Foundation / Intermediate / Advance

Certification: London Academy if Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA)  / Trinity College London

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