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Since 2004, we pride ourselves to be the advocates of triple-threat skills. 


Our unique methodology through the years has produced  many outstanding performers, of which our young talents have taken on the international stage with confidence and polished craft. 


This particular form of training teaches techniques required to sing, act through song and dance, as well as elements that develop a performer’s presence towards confidence and showmanship. 


Our talents will learn the craft specific to the genre and have a broader and in-depth knowledge of the repertoire of songs in that genre. 



A graded performing arts curriculum in Singapore

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JazzKids is a proprietary program teaching the art of performance. Talents will learn to sing and dance using bang band swing, and jazz standards music. Jazzkids will become the only group of children in the world to perform in this genre.



BroadwayKids is a proprietary musical theater performance training program for children learning the art of acting through song and dance.

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